Enjoy A Relaxing Florida Summer Vacation

Senior couple enjoying a morning of golf.

Florida is known for its beaches, theme parks, attractions, and sunny weather that brings millions of tourists and vacationers from all over the world every summer.

While all of these things that make Florida a great state to visit are fun and exciting, some Florida residents may be seeking a more relaxing vacation experience away from the busy streets and crowded stores during the summer months.

The Villages is a retirement community near the heart of central Florida that offers just that and a little more.

Photo by Kris Kemp from Pexels

The community offers a perfect balance of fun, excitement, and relaxation all at the same time.

Permanent residents of The Villages enjoy a large range of activities geared toward the retired community such as golfing, car shows, town square markets, and a large selection of cuisine and shopping.

In The Villages, you can spend your morning on the golf course, enjoy lunch on an outdoor deck overlooking a lake, splurge with drinks and music on one of the three town squares, and finish the night with dinner at one of the many highly rated restaurants before calling it a day and relaxing in a private fully furnished vacation home with your own back yard, patio, and pool!

With the three town squares the community has to offer, you can choose your very own themed vacation or enjoy them all with a short drive by golf cart between each square.

Photo by Kris Kemp from Pexels

Visit the Brownwood Square for a rustic western feel with log cabin style buildings and nightly entertainment, walk along the boardwalk for a lakeside themed stay at Lake-Sumter Landing, or experience the beauty of Spanish style architecture in Spanish Springs.

Each town square offers nightly entertainment including live music, dancing, drinks, and much more.

Photo by Kris Kemp from Pexels

If you are wanting a more social vacation where you can meet new people and make new friends that share your interests, take part in one of hundreds of clubs within the community with a club for almost any activity or interest including car clubs, quilting, photography, woodworking, social clubs, and many many more.

With our fully furnished vacation homes, you can also invite your new friends over for a cozy in-home night of entertainment at one of our homes featuring a back patio, screened room, pool, BBQ grill, and more.

Photo by Kris Kemp from Pexels

With over 200 vacation homes to choose from, we are sure to find one to fit your lifestyle and get you started on your dream Florida vacation.