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Property Management

Down Home Properties offers Property Management services to help you manage any property whether its a vacation rental or long term rental.

For Long Term Rentals

Reduce the stress and headache that comes with renting a home by letting Down Home Properties manage your home.

We manage all aspects of the rental property so that all you have to do is sit back and relax.

See below for some of the main features of our Property Management Services.

  • Marketing. Down Home Properties will market and advertise your rental property on our website, social media, and various other popular listing sites to make sure that your property does not sit vacant without earning you money.
  • Tenant Screening. We screen all tenants prior to signing a lease. Down Home Properties runs background checks and credit checks on all rental applicants and screens each applicant to ensure we place the best tenant in your property.
  • Show & Sign. When potential candidates want to see the home, we send our agents out to meet the potential tenant, show the home, and answer any questions about the home or neighborhood. If a candidate is approved and decides to move in, we also manage the preparation and signing of the lease.
  • Accounting. Down Home Properties handles the collection of all security deposits, rent, and any other fees collected from the tenant. You never have to worry about tracking down any money owed, with our services, we maintain each property account to ensure payments are made on time and collected.
  • Sales Taxes. In the State of Florida, it is required to collect sales and use tax on rental properties. With our services, we manage your sales tax for each property including collecting tax from the tenant, filing required tax forms, and paying sales tax.
  • Tenant Move-Out. After a tenant moves out of a home, we get your home ready to rent again by cleaning and inspecting the home and ensuring everything is in working order before renting it to the next tenant.

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For Vacation Homes

Florida is home to thousands of seasonal residents who leave their homes vacant when they return to their steady homes. Why not turn that vacant seasonal home into a money maker while you’re away?

Down Home Properties helps manage your Florida home as a vacation rental while you are away.

With Down Home Properties, you can rest assured knowing your home is in good hands, well maintained, and is earning you extra cash in the process!

Turning your seasonal home into a vacation home for others is an excellent way to earn extra cash, ensure your home is well-maintained and cleaned, and offer others the opportunity to enjoy their Florida get-a-way as well!

With Down Home Properties, we take care of every aspect to make your home a coveted vacation spot for travelers all over the world!

  • Investment Opportunity. Turn your vacant home into an investment opportunity that makes you money year-round by renting it out on a short-term basis rather than letting it sit vacant for months waiting on your return. Down Home Properties will take care of booking all guests and collecting payments. Down Home Properties only charges 18% of the rent collected for management fees, leaving your with a large profit margin!
  • Earn With Ease. Turning your home into a vacation rental may sound stressful and time-consuming, but Down Home Properties is here to do the heavy lifting for you. We cover the cost of advertising your home on various popular vacation websites so that you don’t have to worry about marketing your home. You can just relax while we do the work.
  • Personal Security. Down Home Properties inventories every home upon signing up and we use that inventory as a checklist between every guest check-in and check-out. This ensures that your personal property is always accounted for and in good working order and in the event anything may happen, the proper guests are held accountable.
  • Rental Tax Management. Renting homes in Florida requires that the renter collect sales & use tax. At Down Home Properties, we manage all of your sales & use taxes for the State of Florida. This includes collecting tax from guests as well as paying the owed sales taxes each month along with filing the required tax forms. You will never have to worry about any unpaid sales taxes for your rental home.
  • Full Rental Accounting. Never worry about missing rent, unpaid rent, back rent, or any other accounting issues with Down Home Properties. We sign lease agreements, collect reservation deposits, security deposits, rent, and other fees directly from the guest and send you a net check within 15 days of the last payment collected from each guest.
  • Guest Accommodations. To ensure your guests have a great stay and come back, we meet and greet each guest and go over any specifics of the home as well as provide information about the community and area to ensure they have a comfortable and cozy stay.
  • Guest Accountability. After each guest checks out, a Down Home Properties member will do a thorough walk-through and make sure that the home is in excellent condition and that all items on the checklist are still in the  home before returning any security deposit funds back to the guest. This ensures that  your belongings are being maintained and secured as well as holding the guest accountable for their stay.
  • Home Cleaning. A cleaning crew is sent to every home after each check out to do a full cleaning and to reset the home for the next guests. This includes ensuring the home is restocked of any toiletries.
  • It’s Still YOUR Home. Just because you turn your home into a vacation rental does not mean you lose your own vacation home. Your home will always be available to you or any of your family or friends at no cost. Simply call us ahead of time and tell us what dates you wish to stay there and we will be sure to block them out as well as ensure the home is ready for your arrival.

Want to know more about vacation home rentals? Check out our Vacation Homes FAQs or connect with an agent today!

Let us manage your home!

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COVID-19 Safety

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