Vacation Rentals

Please click the button below for a complete list of vacation home rentals available to lease. You are also able to make application for lease and receive an answer back within 24 – 48 hours.

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• Our management fee is 18% of rent collected

• We pay to advertise your home on as long as we have a minimum of two of the prime winter months (Jan, Feb or Mar)

• We inventory your home and use that list as a checklist for checking on the home between each rental period.

• We register you home with the state of Florida for sales & use taxes. As well as collect and pay the sales tax on your behalf and file the sales tax forms each month.

• We accept reservation deposits, sign lease agreements, collect rent and security deposits for your home and send you a net check within 15 day of receiving the final payment.

• We meet & greet renters and go over specifics of the home and area so the guest feels comfortable and can get around easily in the community.

• When the guests check out, we do a walk thru and inventory check before we mail their security deposit back to them.

• We line up the cleaning crew and have the home cleaned and set up for the next guest.

• Whenever you or a family member wants to use your home, just let us know the dates and we’ll block them out on the calendar for you. There is never a cost for you or your family to stay in your home. We’ll make sure the home is ready and everything is in the home for you.